Sanok is not big so it is possible to go almost everywhere in town by walk, but of course there are taxis and local buses. The best way to travel from Sanok to other cities are buses, but there are also a few train connections. One of the most popular bus-line is Neobus ( It is good to know that usually when you travel by Neobus you have to change to another bus at the station in town Niebylec (you don’t have to buy new ticket, but remember about your suitcase). The nearest international airports are Kraków and Rzeszów, but some guests of university choose airports in Katowice, Lublin or Warsaw.
Best site to plan your travel in Poland by bus or train is (but we reccomend to buy tickets on busline site, not in e-podroznik)
Best site to plan your travel by local buses in big cities is (there is also app for smartphones - click here).

Cost of living

Prices in Poland are not so big as in Western Europe. Also Sanok is not a metropolis, so for example meals in restaurants are cheaper than in big cities. You can check average prices of tickets, meals or food on Numbeo (click here).

Meals and Food

As Sanok is known as a tourist city, there are a lot of restaurants with traditional polish meals, as well as pizzerias, snack bars etc. Students can use the academic bar (in building E) which serves breakfasts and lunches at reasonable prices. Other cheap restaurants with "dish of the day" (soup + main course): Restauracja Sanvit, Restauracja Daga Jaga, Restauracja Bar Smak. 

In Sanok are few supermarkets but it’s important to know that the most of shops in Poland are closed on Sundays. On that day there is possibility to buy something in stores called “Żabka”.


As Sanok is called “The City of Art”, we can find here a rich cultural life. The local cultural center offers concerts, theatrical performances and exhibitions, especially in summer time, when most events take place in the open air.  It's good to know that in cinema most foreign movies (not cartoons) are in original language with subtitles.

Having Fun

Despite the fact that Sanok is a small, students can find in city or near city: bars (Eliksir, Hades, Johnny's), clubs (Cacao Club), horse farms, ski lifts, kayaks/pontoons/quads attractions, museums, icerink and icetrack (called MOSiR or Arena), tennis courts, outdoor and indoor swimming pools (click here). Near Sanok are also: lake Solina, Bieszczady Mountains, beautiful ruins of monastery in Zagórz.




University has its own dormitory (students house). Students share double rooms (with joint bathroom and toilet for two rooms). "Bed" costs 400 PLN per month. In dormitory is of course kitchen, laundry room, free WiFi.


University has a Sports and Teaching Center with a full-size sports hall, fitness room, gym and rehabilitation room, where students can practice several sports disciplines: floorball, football, volleyball, badminton, basketball etc. It's good to know that because of risk rules in gym must be always minimum two students.

Students organizations

The University offers student scientific clubs in various fields, where students interested in research can find something specially for themselves, eg. tourism, economy, photography, pedagogy, social work, mechanics, nursing, etc.

Disabled students

University has a special employee helping disabled students, who provides care for all students with different kinds of disability. All buildings in campus have facilities for disabled students.

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