Cost of living
As Sanok is not a metropolis, the costs of living here is lower than in big cities. Example prices provided below should give an idea of how much living in Sanok costs. The prices are just approximate and they are subject to change.

As Sanok is known as a tourist town, there are a lot of restaurants with traditional polish meals, as well as pizzerias, snack bars ect. During the breaks between classes students can use the academic bar which serves breakfasts and lunches at reasonable prices. 

Food: lunch at a canteen: 15 PLN (ca 3,5 EUR); restaurant meal: 25 PLN (ca 6 EUR); a pizza in a pizzeria: 18 PLN (ca 4 EUR); a litre of milk: 2.50 PLN (ca 0,5 EUR); a loaf of bread: 4 PLN (ca 1 EUR); beer at shop: 4 PLN (ca 1 EUR)

Transport: Local transport (single): 2.50 PLN ( ca 0,5 EUR); Coaches (buses): Sanok – Rzeszów (80 km) – 15 PLN (ca 3,3 EUR), Sanok – Kraków (210 km) – 32 PLN (ca 7 EUR), Sanok – Warszawa (375 km) – 80 PLN (ca 18,5 EUR); petrol per litre: 5 PLN (ca 1,3 EUR); diesel per litre: 4.20 PLN (ca 0,9 EUR); Taxi: 2 PLN (ca 0,4 EUR) per km (usually 14 PLN in area of Sanok). The nearest international airports are Kraków and Rzeszów. Best websites in English to find busses: 

Having Fun:  museum ticket: 12 PLN (ca 2,6 EUR); fitness: 12 PLN (ca 2,6 EUR); swimming pool: 9 PLN (ca 2 EUR); clubbing: 10 PLN (ca 2,2 EUR), cinema ticket: 14 PLN (ca 3,1 EUR) - most foreign movies are in original language with subtitles.

Since the University does not have its own students house, the employees of International Relations Office help to find accommodation for international students in off-campus dormitories. Most students share rooms in rented flats, where the place in a double room costs ca 400 PLN (ca 95 EUR) per month.

Disabled students
The Academy has a special employee helping disabled students, who provides care for all students with different kinds of disability. Almost all buildings in our campus have facilities for disabled students.

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